Why de-clutter a home?

The latest Home Gains Study showed that houses that were de-cluttered and staged sold for 22% more and 50% faster. Also, the money invested in professional staging and storage had a 586% average return on investment.

With the AAA Movers De-Clutter Program,

we can help make a home look larger, brighter, cleaner and warmer. Most importantly, we can help you get your home off the market quicker, and for a larger sales price.

AAA Movers is Proud to Offer These Special De-clutter Services and Discounts:

  • FREE use of professional moving boxes and a free roll of packing paper and moving labels
  • Pick up the CLUTTER for storage: $324 for one vault or $374 for two vaults (this fantastic pricing includes labor to load and transport the vaults to our temperature controlled storage facility)
  • Discounted rates as low as $29 per vault per month
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